Friday, September 3, 2010

Sponsor Thanks

August was a really busy month for me and now it's only a few days till the starting line of Scooter Cannonball Run. Where'd summer go? Still have so much to do, but I wanted to stop and take a moment to thank my sponsors. Your support, encouragement and donations have helped me immensely. In a time of current economical uncertainty your generosity meant a lot. The money you donated will be going to my Rally Against Depression charity with the funds going to a group home for the mentally ill.

Thanks to:
Bell Helmets
Chad Stockdale
Flat Out Press
GoGo Gear
Independent Publishing Resource Center
Lucky Bastards SC
Kean Hanley
Ming Koh
Matt O'Connor
Motorsport Scooters
Ojala Family
People at Portland Zine Symposium who donated to my tip jar
Rudy Perez
Rogue SC
Those Darn McCabes
Vespa of Milwaukie
Vespa Club of America

I apologize if I left anyone out. There's still time if you want to donate. Just click HERE.

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