Saturday, February 12, 2011

Calling All Cannonballers!

Calling all Scooter Cannonballers!

I'm planning a Cannonball-themed issue for Bumpstart # 6 and would love to hear from all my fellow Cannonballers, past and present. Regardless of how well you placed or if you even finished, you all are freakin' badasses who should let the scooter community hear your tales from the road. I would also love to hear from those driving support vehicles and the film crew who joined us this past summer.

I know how creative you guys got during this endurance event, now express your Cannonball Run tales by word, photos, haiku, dirty limericks, interviews, personal ads, missed connections, police tickets.....

Looking forward to hearing from you crazy bastards, uh I mean road warriors....

Karen G