Monday, October 18, 2010

On Our Way to Bumpstart #5...

I've always been a big fan of vintage print advertisements, especially if they involve scooters. Here's one of my favorites, the Phillips 66 Gasoline ad featuring the Pony Express man using a handlebar Vespa. For our upcoming issue #5 of Bumpstart, I was inspired by this ad after riding my Vespa, Olive to San Antonio, Texas from Portland, Oregon for Amerivespa.

The lovely and talented Mr. Noah Pfarr has done it once again and created another beautiful illustration for my publication. Here's our sneakie peek at our special wrap-around Bumpstart # 5 cover.

Thanks to all for being patient while we had technical difficulties and "shit happens" moments that delayed the 'zine's publishing date. I have also gone back to college and am trying my best to work on Bumpstart and American Scooterist when I have any free time. I haven't forgotten about you guys. Every issue is done with tlc and always worth the wait, I promise.

Karen G.