Friday, August 3, 2007

Amerivespa Snapshots

I had a great time in Seattle during Amerivespa. Miles(LBSC) and I rode up from Portland and had a blast scooting along the backroads. I even got to ride his Sprint on part of the route.

Here's just a few photos from the trip. Check out for tons more photos. Thanks to all involved in organizing Amerivespa!

Pit stop in Centralia (Thanks for the loaner Miles & Holly)

Don's BLT Ride stop featuring The Ballard Troll
(A production of As You Like It was going on when we pulled up. When leaving,we did a bump start as not to disturb them.)

Me and the minty fresh Stella

The always dapper, Don & Nancy!
(thanks for the fine Seattle hospitality)

Slugrockets with gummi slugs!

On the Fauntleroy Ferry to Vashon Island