Friday, September 3, 2010

Portland Zine Symposium

Here's some photos from last weekend's Portland Zine Symposium. This was the biggest year for the symposium so far, with over a hundred and thirty tablers. The symposium's location was moved to the PSU Stott Center due to the increased amount of tablers this year.
The PZS organizers did an awesome job and even allowed me to display Olive at center court. Had a great time and met some other zinesters who happen to ride scooters. One couple even rode their Stella with sidecar all the way from Seattle for the event.

Above photo: Cynthia Graham surprised me and volunteered to be my Bumpstart spokesmodel. While Cynthia pitched the zine, I was able to check out the other tables.

Above Photo: Kevin Cross of Monkey Mod and tablemate Green Monk.

Above Photo: Droppin' The F-Bomb

Above Photo: Allie and Jeremy, owners of Guapo Comics.

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