Wednesday, November 26, 2008

IPRC's December Zine of the Month!!!!

I just got an early Christmas present courtesy of Portland's most excellent Independent Publishing Resource Center. Bumpstart was named their December Zine of the Month! Thanks, IPRC. You rock! I'm really honored to be a part of your zine club! The IPRC will be mailing out copies of Bumpstart to their club members. Unlike other monthly clubs, like your typical Fruit of the Month clubs, IPRC's monthly deliveries won't go bad AND get better with age.

IPRC is also featured in this year's Willamette Week's 5th Annual Give! Guide. It's just one of 55 incredible non-profits featured that give year round to us Portlanders. Be sure to check out all the Give! Guide's free incentives you will get back if you donate to any of these deserving organizations. FREE COFFEE...FREE HAIRCUTS....FREE WINE....FREE GELATO, anyone????