Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Gone to see a lady about a monkey!

This past Sunday I took a break from writing and cracking the Kickstart whip to lead the 3rd Annual OSC 4M ride. What does 4M stand for, you ask? Well, the 4Ms are McMinnville, Militiary, Monkey and Milkshakes. We had perfect weather for our long, but enjoyable ride out to McMinnville, where we stopped at the Evergreen Aviation Museum and Alf's Burgers.

Here's the ride group out front of the Evergreen Aviation Museum(home of the Spruce Goose).

After checking out the museum and sampling some of the Spruce Goose wine in the gift shop, we couldnt wait to get to Alfs Burgers for lunch. Its not far from Evergreen Aviation and they are known for their burgers, killer milkshakes and monkey. Yup, they have a monkey named Elvis who hangs out there!

The owner of Alfs rescues monkeys and takes them into her home. Her first monkey, Maynard lived a long and good life before going off to the big banana pile in the sky. Shortly after she rescued Elvis, who goes to work with her at Alfs. Don't worry Elvis isn't flippin' burgers there. He has a separate play area adjacent the restuarant where he lounges around. At the end of the work day, Elvis goes home with the owner. I hear he enjoys playing Barbie dolls with her granddaughter! How fun would that be to have a grandmother who owned a monkey?! Well, as long as he didn't fling any monkey poo. On the day we visited Elvis, he was feeling cheeky and stuck his tongue out at us(see above photo). He also placed his paw on the glass when I walked up to see him. Awww, Elvis! Can you feel the monkey love? I guess he remembers me from past 4M rides.

Here are the coveted 4M Banana Awards given out for "Rat Bike", "Most Monkey Spirit" and "Funky Monkey".

It was a long but fun day. If you are ever in McMinnville, you should check out these places. Tell Elvis I said Hi!

Friday, June 1, 2007

Ticket to Ride

I've been collecting scooter comic books for a couple years now, so I thought I'd share one of my favs. Its a DC Comic from 1966 called Swing With Scooter.

This man about town named Scooter(yeah I know not very original), drove the girls crazy as he zipped around on his '63 Zundapp Bella.

Its been said that the Scooter character was inspired by Beatle Paul McCartney during the height of Beatlemania. The early issues portrayed Scooter as a British transplant to the states, but sadly towards the comic's end he was Archie-fied.

Ah Scooter, aww honey honey.