Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Rainy Days and Mondays

I headed out for Vancouver on Monday partially to avoid the rain heading to Portland the following day. Just as I was passing through Seattle it found me and wouldn't let up as I headed north. It continued dumping on me for a couple hours forcing me to stop for the night on Fir Island at Blake's RV and Marina. I found the place by mistake and am so glad I did.

I don't have an RV or boat, but hoped they'd take pity on me and let me use a cabin. All cabins were booked, but they said I could either sleep on their boat currently being restoring as a B & B or with the owners in their home. Yes, please. Either option worked for me.

The Shanna Lee is a fishing boat built by the owner's father and named for his daughter. Shanna and her husband Tony said it was too cold to sleep on the boat so instead I got a warm bed in their home, seafood and veggie chili from the kind couple. I couldn't believe they would welcome a complete and soggy stranger into their home. This reminded me of the Texas hospitality I received during Amerivespa.

I want to come back next Summer and stay on their refurbished B & B Boat. Their park and marina would also make for a great scooter camping site.

Location:Sophia St,Vancouver,Canada

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