Friday, May 29, 2009

Garage Sale Rally

When I was in Victoria, British Columbia for the 25th Annual Garden City Rally, I hung out with the Apocalypse SC. Their club drove all the way from Calgary with a trailer full of 10 Vespas to attend the rally. It was quit a sight watching them load and unload their scooters in The Surf's small parking lot.

Over the course of the Garden City Rally they pretty much adopted me and I can't thank them enough for their kind Canadian hospitality. This summer they are having their Garage Sale Rally in Calgary and you all are invited. I know it's a long way to Calgary (15 hrs from Seattle, 20 hrs from Portland), but Apocalypse President, Kory Haggert told me they'll billet any Americans willing to make the trip. I'll be there and hope to see all you Pacific Northwest scooterists at the Garage Sale.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Monkey a Day...

Kevin Cross is drawing a monkey-a-day in preparation for the launch of his new Monkey Mod web-comic. He was kind enough to draw a fantastic Tiki monkey just for me. Mahalo, Kevin!