Friday, October 24, 2008

Happy World Pasta Day!

Hey, guess what tomorrow is. It's World Pasta Day! Yup, and here I thought it only happened on Wednesdays.

To celebrate this carbolicious day, please enjoy some foodie photos from my recent trip to Italy. The below photo may just appear to be a plate of nicely presented pasta, but when I look at it I remember dining in Verona during opera season and hearing arias lofting overhead from the nearby coliseum.
Verona was also the first place I saw an Ape putting around. I was so excited when I saw it going around the square collecting garbage. Throughout my time in Italy, I came across countless numbers of Apes. In Florence, I even saw some electric powered ones. The Italians use their Apes to transport all kinds of things from luggage to huge wine casks. And I hear in Cinque Terra a certain Aussie tourist named Jannelle got a ride in one, but I'll let her tell that story in Bumpstart. (cough, cough hint hint Janelle).
While I was visiting the scooter motherland, I met up with Scooterbella, a Vespa touring company in Tuscany.

My Vespa tour group (Photo from left to right: Melanie from Australia, Bill from Boston, Tour guides Sagra from Spain and Elizabeth, an expat from PA, and Janelle aka "Ginger" from Australia)

One of my favorite restaurants we stopped at was L Alto Chianti.

Their ravioli with truffle slices was so good.

Besides the great food, their restaurant had a roof terrace that provided spectacular views of Chianti.
I see now why so many tourists have a hard time leaving Tuscany.

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