Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My visit to Cascina Castlet

The highlight of my time in Italy had to be meeting Mauriccia Borio aka the "scooter wine" lady. She's the little girl in the pink dress on the Barbara 'd Asti wine label. I interviewed her in my premiere issue of Bumpstart and she graciously invited me to tour her winery, Cascina Castlet.

I was really excited to meet her and tour the winery that produces Barbara 'd Asti and many other great wines. She also makes Grappa!
When Mauriccia told me there was something outside she wanted to show me, I couldn't believe my eyes. Parked in the exact same spot it had been some 50+ plus years for the family photo was THE Vespa that graces the label of her 'scooter wine'.

We had a great visit and I can't wait for you all to read about in the next issue of Bumpstart! I was very honored and a little verklempt when she asked me to pose with the Vespa for a photo. I think I have my Christmas card photo.From left to right: Elena Borio(Mamma Borio), Mauriccia Borio (Scooter Wine Lady), me, and the family's 1951 "faro basso" Vespa featured on their Barbara 'd Asti wine label.

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Anonymous said...

Lucky girl! Make sure I am on your X-mas card list. CJ