Monday, October 5, 2009

Those handsome Men of Scootering.

I've been wanting to do a scooter calendar for a couple years now, but never seemed to have the time to put one together. Recently while I was cleaning, I found the Vespa Club of Canada's 2000 Calendar (i.e. "those handsome Men of Scootering") that a friend loaned to me for inspiration. The VCOC always does a great job with their club merchandise - I'll be breaking out my VCOC scarf pretty soon that fall is here.

They did a great job on the calendar and the photos and bios are keepers. Let's go back in time and take a look at Canada's handsome Men of Scootering 2000.

Mr. January - Mike Sexsmith

Mr. February - Psychic Sphincter

Mr. March - Garth Cox

Mr. April - Jay Croft

Mr. May - Colin Bates

Mr. June - Christian Jahrsdoerfer

Mr. July - Joe Drechsler

Mr. September - Gift Enchantment

Mr. October - Ford Madison

Mr. November - Glenn William Daigle

Mr. December - Ska-t

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