Friday, March 20, 2009

A Night at Powells...

It was a great night for local and national small press at Powell's Books, this past Monday. Smallpressapalooza's audience was kept entertained with five, full hours of non-stop readings.

Me and my fellow 'zinesters were in full force that night.Our 'zines look pretty sweet on a Powell's podium, don't ya think.
Moe Bowstern reading from her 'zine, Xtra Tuf.

After a nice intro from Justin Hocking of IPRC, I read my story, Behind the Label, from Bumpstart #2. I uncorked a bottle of Barbera 'd Asti for the thirsty audience before my reading. Much love to Powells for allowing me to serve wine in their fine establishment. I was told that only Douglas Coupland and I have quaffed wine during our readings at Powell's Books.

Never miss a photo op.

The wine went fast that night.

Portland scooterists hobnobing at Powells.

James and Debbie Boehne, Canadian scooterists who introduced me to the Portland scooter community pose with some fine wine. Thanks to all who attended the reading; it was a great evening.

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