Saturday, April 19, 2008

Add One More to the Talley

From left to right: Winston(I think), Frosti, Chewie, and Steve

Congratulations are in order for Steve and Frosti Talley. Their first grandchild and future curler/scooterist, Fiona Rose arrived late last night, weighing 8lbs, 6oz, and is 21 inches long.

Grandpa Talley was a little tired when I saw him, but reported that all is well with everyone. He said Fiona was active but not fussy, just wondering what it was all about. I'm sure when Fiona is big enough, Steve will have her out on the ice curling in no time flat. Congrats Grandpa and Grandma Talley!

In between hospital runs, Steve managed to deliver our baby, Kickstart. He just got # 8 back from the printers. It looks great! Steve and I would like to thank everyone who were a part of the issue, especially Gary Cochran, James Boehne, Arden Collins, Phil Oliver, Mary Ann Schelb, and Miles TeSelle. Special thanks to P-town Scooters for their ad and constant support!

I think we all need a nap now. Have a great weekend.
Scooter Aunt Karen


Anonymous said...


Could you tell me if, by some chance, your Steve Talley is the same Steve Talley that was in the US Navy ET"A" school with me? This would have been at the Treasure Island naval station from, as I recall, the fall of 1963 until the spring of 1964. If so, would you give him my email address and ask him to drop me a line?

Thank you!!

Fred Ames
Raleigh, NC

Karen G said...

Hi Fred,
Steve was in the Navy, but not sure where he was stationed. I'll forward your info onto him.

Happy Independence Day to you!
Karen G