Thursday, December 13, 2007

Holly Jolly from Kickstart!

Photo from left to right: Mike Einis, me, and Steve Talley
Kickstart crew, Year 1

It's coming up on our second year anniversary at Kickstart and my thoughts turn to that time two years ago. Mike Einis had volunteered to take the helm of OSC’s newsletter and I agreed to lend a hand. At the time, I had no idea how big a part of my life it would become. Mike and I had no experience with graphic design and needed someone to become our layout guru. After holding an open call meeting, in walked Steve Talley and our 'zine staff was born. Having been a fan of the Vespa Club of Canada’s newsletter, The Indicator, and the local Portland scooter ‘zines, I knew that we just had to name our baby. After brainstorming such names as The Spanner and The Cruciform, we came up with the beautiful name of Kickstart.

Thanks to all who have helped us along the way!

This year we didn't have time to pose for an ugly Xmas sweater Christmas card, so I'm posting a photo from the patch jacket shoot.

Happy Holidays to all and here's wishing you a healthy, happy, scootin' new year!

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SteveTalley said...

It has been a great experience working with Karen on Kickstart. I only do the layout, but make no mistake, Karen does 90% of the work. She either writes the articles or squeezes them out of not-very-speedy contributors with pleading and wheedling or cursing and threats, whichever seems to work. Thanks to all the contributors to past issues. Don't be afraid to write an article yourself. You may have hidden journalistic talents.