Monday, October 1, 2007

Scooter Sketch - The Assistant

When I heard there was a comic coming out called The Engineer, I was curious about it. For CAD Monkeys, such as myself, the engineer at times can represent our natural born enemy. I was happy to hear this engineer is good and is even trying to save the world! Brian Churilla's sci-fi romp, The Engineer: "Konstrukt" is coming out in November, but here's a sneak peak at The Engineer's lowly assistant. He's so lowly he doesn't even have a name. You can visit for more info and preview art.


Brian Churilla said...

his name's roland. ha ha. thanks for the scan.

Karen G said...

Hey, Brian.
Oops,my apologies to Roland. We weren't formally introduced at Stumptown.

During the comicfest, your sketch of Roland received lots of positive comments from the other artists!